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Screw you guys, Im going on LiveJournal.
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Monday, July 31st, 2006
10:02 pm
I hate those ads.
I upgraded my account so I could have more user pics, and now everything's flooded with ads. D: Stupid idea.

Hm. Nothing new going on over here. I miss Dee. That is all.
Went shopping for school. Got a shirt. And a Seven Deadly Sins arm band. And some Hello Kitty Poptarts.
Played Animal Crossing. Took some screenshots.

Animal Crossing. Museum Loves me.

Design on shirt I bought.

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, July 20th, 2006
10:54 pm
Winnebagos make me HAPPEY!!! =D
Yay for Google Tool Bar.

Anyway, long tome no update. Recently i've been buisy.
I pissed off an entire forum, and I don't really care. I've never been happier.

Umm...I quit MySpace....
My new favorite phraise is "Have some fucking Cat-Loaf".

Current Mood: Shmeet.
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
8:46 pm
Sayonora Murdoc-San.
Well, it's been confirmed that Muds is deleting his myspace acount, due to all the STUPID MOTHAFUCKIN FNAGIRLS WHO MAILED HIM NONSTOP. *Stabs them* ;_______; At least I got to post a goodbye comment, tomorow, June 15, it's GONE.

Meh, I'll find a new way to stalk him.
Moving on.

Judie refuses to talk to me, and her little gang bugs me no stop.

Current Mood: EMOANGST!!
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
1:51 am
Stupot Cumlemmon, the latest sensation that's sweeping the (Gorillaz obsessed) nation
So, it's 1 AM, i'm hyper as hell and talking to meh good buddeh, Lyneel over IM, when out of nowhere....

Now, you may think it's an excuse to say some...Yaoi-ish things about Muds and 'D, but no, it's noe...It's a drink.
That's right folks, the newest hit to hit mine and Lyneel's brain.
NSFW, For...Reasons.

Jaime Rae: =P
Lynelle Devlin: It's like lemon...but shot instead.
Jaime Rae: Stupot cumlemmon?
Lynelle Devlin: Sounds fancy, I'd like one, thank you good sir.
Lynelle Devlin: *sips* ZOMG, man cum!
Jaime Rae: *A little margarita mixer shapped lke 2D appers* ...*Squeezes it's crotch and "Stupot Cumlemmon" pours out into a glass for you*
Jaime Rae: There ya go!
Lynelle Devlin: Oh god. XD This SO reminds me of the Koolaid man, but more scary and disturbing.
Jaime Rae: XDDD
Lynelle Devlin: 2D crashes through your living room wall, squeezing his crotch as juice cums out. Handing glasses to the boys and girls.
Jaime Rae: XDDD
Jaime Rae: OH GOD
Lynelle Devlin: Fix my wall you Juice Box!!1
Jaime Rae: "I'll have some of THAT hot shot. ;D" "It's Cum Shot, actually." ".....Be my baby's daddy?" "Only if I dun have to pay child support!"
Jaime Rae: *Drinks* *2D crashes through the wall* Goddamnit, will you use the door?!
Lynelle Devlin: *falls over*
Lynelle Devlin: The door causes less drama! The less the better for meh, I'm having a heart failure over here. I mean, a blue pitcher of CUM?! D:
Jaime Rae: Imagine this....It's a hot summers day, your air conditionings out, your friends are BUMMED, when, all of a sudden....2D CRASHES THROUGH YOUR MOTHAFUCKIN WALL, SQUEEZING HIS DICK AS NEW "STUPOT CUMLEMMON" SHOOTS OUT!!!!!!!! YOUR SUMMER IS SAAAAAVEEEEDDD!!!!!!!!! =O
Lynelle Devlin: ...and doorbells. Doorbells are nice.
Jaime Rae: Oh lord.
Lynelle Devlin: Or...saved for the next therpy appointment once school lets back in. =/
Jaime Rae: Teacher:So kids, what did you do over the summer? Me:I watched a man squeeze juice out his peener.
Lynelle Devlin: ...heh, cookie. Yum.
Jaime Rae: Man i'm thristy.
Lynelle Devlin: Want some...Koolaid?
Jaime Rae: No thank---*Stopped short by 2D crashing through the wall AGAIN* DX Damnit, I just patched up that wall too! *Smack* NAUGHTY NAUGHTY STUPOT!! DDX ...2D: *Wimpers* Umm...Want something to drink? Me:.....*Sigh* Sure.
Lynelle Devlin: Make him fix the wall. Like when an animal pisses in the house, rub their face in it! ...yeah. .___.

So, next time your in an adult xxx shop, look for our new prodoct. =D I'm sure you'll enjoy it...Almost as much as you'll enjoy having to fix your wall after 2D crashes through it.

Also, Judie's a bitch, I could go on, but it's even more pointless than you.

Current Mood: weird
Saturday, June 10th, 2006
11:55 am
...Where the hell am I?
Dude, I forgot about this place. O__o Well, a shitload's happened sense I've been gone. For starters, school let out, Lucas found out about the crush I had on him. HE ACTED AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED! =D Looking back, i'm glad he didn't bring it up.

Not into anime much anymore, I mean, I still like manga, but, meh, people who have only seen Inuyasha are all going "ONGZZ I LURVE ANIMES && SESHY IS MAH BISHY!!!!!!!!11 ^____^"
PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF, PEOPLE. Go watch some RAW EPPESODES, you genetic cunt. O-o
*Ahem* Anyway, yeah, I still love manga, I got into the series "Gravitation" by Maki Murakami, lovely series. =D

I still love Gorillaz, don't let the new avatar fool you. I learned alot sense my last visit, like the fact Murdoc was abandoned by his parents at the age of nine, and was raped by a waitress at a diner.

Noodle has an acount on one of the website's i'm on, suposedly. She's pretty cool, even if she might not be Noodle. =D

I got an evil Sunburn last week, couldn't move for 3 days, it got better a day ago. I can move around and sleep. Sleeping's never been so fun, exept SHANNON OPENS MY MOTHERFUCKING DOOR AT 9 AM AND BOTHERS THE SHIT OUT OF ME.
I was over at her house yesterday and today, her kid woke me up AGAIN, so I carried it over to where she was sleeping and put her on the couch, Shannon calls me a "Fucking little asshole!!!" WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU DO THE EXACT SAME FUCKING THING TO ME, FOR 6 DAYS!
Then she kicks me out, and I walk over to my Dad's.

That was about an hour ago though. Everything's good at the moment.
Woke up at 6 AM, and out of impulse, turned on my CD player and listened to Demon Days, afterward, I fell asleep. O-o;; No clue what happened there.

Man, Kong Studios is getting creepy, atleast I got some kickass wallpapers there. *Shows off DARE wallpaer* >=O
Murdoc poped out of the hell hole on 6/6/06, happy birthday, Devil in white pants.

I updated my journal!
ANRT I SPECAL?!!? *Skittles*

Current Mood: Pissed? No clue...
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
5:16 pm
I am GOD!
I finally got my computer fixed. FINALLY. Took me almost a month, but I did it. I can now go back on Neopets, and everything I couldn't do without my mouse. I AM GOD. ...Hear me roar. =DD *Moves mouse around with glee*

So, anyway. My month? It's been allright, Lyny and I have made our ultimate Neopets acount (We have a Mini Stu! X3), dad finally went off the deep end and attempted to kick Brandon out of the house, he was only gone for 4 hours though, then came back for a water bottle. Tohma's driving me insane, but I guess she's still my friend. I think i'm going insane. I picked up We ♥ Katamari while I was at Best Buy, now i'm obsessed with the game, so wonderfully deranged, like me! =D (Na naa, na na na na na na na na na Katamari Damacy!!) I've gotten into some more bands, so now i'm not as Gorillaz obsessed, I haven't listened to them for a whole day. XD
And that's pretty much my month in a nutshell, even if I wasn't in a shell, or a nut. O_O

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, March 24th, 2006
7:27 pm
Torn, twisted, lonely
God, I feel like fucking bursting into tears right now. I wish I'd never bothered talking to Travis today. All it did was make me depressed.

wuv_stupot:Sup homie toaster? =D
(travis):xD nothing much. Amber and me are going to the movies tomorow.
wuv_stupot:Like a...DATE?!? *Dun dun duuuun!!!*
(Travis):I guess you can say that. x3
wuv_stupot:Ah, cool...

Why do I have to screw every good thing up? Febuary was the happiest month of my life, now I just feel like curling up into a ball and dieing a slow painfull death, I don't even know why i'm getting so bumed out over it, and why I have to be so fucking stupid. A normal person would just say "Well, glad he's happy, guess I can get over it." but AM I NORMAL? OF CORSE NOT! FOR FUCK'S SAKE, I HAIL A SATAN WORSHIPING BASSIST. WHAT ELSE IS FUCKING WRONG WITH ME?!?

God, I just feel like shit right now, might go to the mall tomorow, maybe color my hair the same as Murdoc's, if I have the money. Doubt it though, ust getting coloring for bangs costs 100 dollars, not worth it if you ask me. I have enough money to buy a T-Shirt, maybe i'll check out G-shop instead for some Gorillaz T-shirts. Dosen't matter, sense I can't wear aything that's 'aganst god' to school. They almost expelled Marteh today for wearing an upsidedown cross. Jackasses.

Boy, this cheered me up, i'm feeling fuckin' chipper. *Walks off to listen to Clint Eastwood*

Current Mood: crushed
Saturday, March 18th, 2006
10:18 am
Birthday update
Mom got me a bike, shannon let me stay homr from school yesterday, I spent the day looking up yaoi on the computer.

You know, I don't see why I got myself so worked up about my birthday, you've spent another year on this god-forsaken world. Congradulations. A little cake, some singing, go to bed, it's another day.

I'm starting to wonder why i've been so negitive lately, every greeting turns into a smart-ass comment, I feel like going into a swearing fit, i've been skipping meals, I truly don't know why the fuck i'm acting like this and i'm really starting to piss myself off. But...Isnt the world allways confusing....?

Current Mood: pessimistic
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
4:58 pm
Plush Me Plushpot~!
Well, today's my birthday! Happy day for moi! It's actually been good, Mrs.Whatserface didn't say my name over the intercom, like she did everyone else, I got a MAGICAL BIRTHDAY PENCIL!!!, some crackers, a digital camera from my dad, a Birthday Snack Pack from Shannon and Madison, and not sure what Mom got me yet, seeing as she's out with Eve somewhere.... Oh wellz. I'm at Shannon's house right now, first LJ post from here ever. She got two cats, whom I've named Stupot and Nicalls. x3, Admit it, any cat that sounds like 2D and has one pink pupil is worth keeping. So, untill 7, i'm surfing the web and listening to old school Gorillaz, well, if you consider anything before Demon Days 'old school'.

OMGZZ, Nicalls is licking Stupot's head. Kitten Gorillaz yaoi.

Current Mood: ditzy
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
7:18 pm
Melt it's head~!!
Lord, remind me to never look up Gorillaz on Youtube, unless your home alone. I did and ended up dancing to a 19/2000 remix, crying during the El Manana music video, fangirl squealing over 2D's regular voice (It's so adorably retarted~!), and learning how to pronounce 'Winnebago'. "It's like bagel, only with an 'o' insted of an 'el'. ...Winnebagel?" O.o Yes, I do enjoy talking to myself.

Bahh, we had NRT's today, and Kody ended up calling them the "NUUURT!!!"'s. It sounded like "Duurt." so I joined in with him and Travis screaming out "NUURT" while waiting for the bell. xDD The test itself was nothing to "Nuurt" about, it was hard. There was a question in particular about a butterfly, and it said something like "How would you feel if a butterfly landed in the palm of your hand?", and all that went through my head was "I bet if it happened to Murdoc, he'd eat the butterfly...." Imagine Murdoc eating a butterfly, right now. If you laugh, then that makes two of us, I busted out laughing right during the test. ._____. People stared at me....

After the test, we were forced into Mr.Gibble's class to watch Freaky Friday and Sky High, god sodding damnit was it awful.

I also changed my avatar on MSN, I love it to widdle bits. 2D porn x3 x3.

Current Mood: crazy
Sunday, March 12th, 2006
11:03 am
Bunnies, rainbows, and crack...
Well, this weekend has been pretty fun. Tohma's over right now, still passed out, SOMEHOW. xDD Lynele's here too, *Pokes*, and it's just been cool. No other way I can describe it.

We all went to the mall yesterday, and HOT TOPIC IS THE STORE FROM GOD OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT! They finally had Gorillaz T-shirts in, so, being the fangirl I am, I pounced at the T-shirt secting, knocking down some people in the process...Heh. I also got the Fooly Cooly soundtrack, fecking awesome! ^^;; Sadly, that's all I had money for, how I spent 40 dollars on a 17 dollar T-shirt and a 10 dollar CD, I don't know...I wanted to get issue 7 of Psychic Academy too. T_T I don't care what Tohma says, it dosen't suck!

We also went to Osaka, a Japanese grill restruant not to far from my house, they prepare the food at your table, like everything else, twas awesome. There was FIRE! =O *Watches in awe* Poke the fire!!!!

Oh, and Lynelle humped trees and mailboxes in our neibhorhood. .___. Poor trees.
When we got back, I was grumpy, for no reason. I pissed everyone off. *Emo emu*

Current Mood: good
Friday, March 10th, 2006
7:58 am
And so I was all like "WOoooaaaaah!!"
Cripes, sorry about the long drag of no updating, I've had a buisy week that's all. Many strange things have happened, so yeh.

My best friend (Or girlfriend, whichever seems better) is comeing over this weekend, i'm going to see if Lyny can come hang out too. Were down to the last two eppisodes of FullMetal Alchemist, I became a member of Murdoc's Minions, I finished up my F-Cat, umm....I learned how to draw Mew Mews, I snorted peper, fought some 7th graders, Became friends with some 8th graders(Don't even ask me how that happened.), Found out Travis was going out with Amber this whole time, so to feck with him, and discovered a Hell Hole in Kong Studios (Long story....).
Oh, and I attempted to fight with Mr.Gibble over religion.

So that was my week, not much, I know, I was just looking foward to getting it all over with.

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, February 24th, 2006
9:41 pm
Oh god, that was just pricless. Lucas and I were playing 'retard fight' during BSP, and out of nowhere, he goes "Bew woo woo...". Just the way he said it and moved his eyes was fucking hillarious.

Anyway, my day was good. Tohma might be able to spend the night on Saturday, and i'll invite Lynelle too. That way, we can go back to the deserted lot and throw things at the fish. xDD

Nothing much really to say...Bew woo woo!

Current Mood: hyper
Thursday, February 23rd, 2006
6:00 pm
White witch attack! O_o;;
Man, it's been a while sense i've played Tactics arena. And I still lose. xDD
"Shit. Lost again."
"Wanna win."
"I know i'm gonna loose."
Fuck you too jackass.

Well, we got to go to see Cats today. Two words. FUCKING AMAZING. The musical talent, the surprizes (I still cant get the confetii out of my hair. .__.), the FOOD. x3 Chicken, pasta, rice, icecream. Lard-ass's dream come true!

And the BALLOONS! They were EVERYWHERE! I tried to grab one, but it went over my head and some lady grabbed it and gave it to the kid next to me. ...BITCH! :o

So, that was the highlight of my day. ...Gumbie cats. >.>

Current Mood: bouncy
Tuesday, February 21st, 2006
9:33 pm
Eggy Attack!
Yes, so I was browsing some Neopets codes, and came across "Adopt an egg".
Sounds retarted, but I like 'em. x3
This egg hatches on 03/01/06! Adopt an egg here.
...I shall name him...Kooshie! O_o;;

Anyway, i've had an okay day, Thursday, I get to skip school and go to a play with my 3rd period class (I'll try and see if I can kidnap you Lynelle. ^^`) and get the ENTIRE DAY OFF. 10:15 to 3:45. That's bacisly the entire school day GONE. :3 TEH AWESOME!!!1

Current Mood: geeky
Monday, February 20th, 2006
6:55 pm
Man, i'm sleepy. xD

Well, I don't need to be worried about Travis hating me...Until Tuesday, when I get back to school. Bah, why do I even go anyway, I know i'm gonna fail.
Well, at least this has been a good weekend. Got my Gorillaz CD back from Shannon, got Animal Crossing Wild World (Which isnt worth the 35 dollars spent on it.), talked to Tohma on the phone, and hacked an acount on Neopets (Free shadow Aisha and Poogle in 2 more months). x)

Chances are, i'm going to hell when I die, but right now, today's been too good to give a fuck. -Nibbles on brownie-

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
6:25 pm
Mezmerized Skellitons
Why is it I look foward to a new day, only to come home pissed/upset as hell?

Today started out perfect, Lucas, Shawn, and I overdosed on sugar, got reall hyper and I actually looked foward to 1st period, the only time I get to hang out with Travis besides 2nd period. After the bell rang, I asked him if he liked me, and he said yes...And for once, I could smile for a reason.

But, like allways! I find some way to fuck up a perfectly good day!
Lee-Roy's being a prick to Travis, so I grab Travis by the wrist so he won't beat Lee-Roy shitless, all he did was jerk away from me, and walk back to his desk. Nice one Jaime!

He ignored me for the rest of the day, people still asked if we were going out, and all I could do was tell them "Fuck off." and walk away. I felt like throwing up, and all the teacher's did was say "You can't go anywhere because your planner's torn up so badly."


"Jaime, please, watch your language or i'll have to write you a referil."


"Second floor, office. NOW."

"Heh hey! Fuck you too!"

So I had to stay in ISS for abit, talk to the assistent principle, and have a
chat with the counceler.

"Jaime, I've known you for 6 years, what's gotten into you?"
"I don't want to talk about it."
"Why not?"
"I just don't, okay?"
"My my, someone's rude."
"No shit Sherlock."

I wrote all my thoughts down on paper after I left, of corse, Mrs.Skinner comes out of FUCKIN' NOWHERE and starts reading over my sholder as I write.

"Well well, dating problems 'eh?"
"Do you WANT to go back to ISS?"
"Anything to get away from THIS hell hole."

I just wish I had the chance to say sorry to Travis, sorry for being such a bitch, sorry for...Everything.
Head hurts like hell. No Advil.

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
5:44 pm
Happy Luff Me Not day.
Ahh, Valentines Day, the day of false-hope for desprite teens, and apprently, this was a good day for once! ^.^

I had walked into 1st period, and Travis gave me a gift, it was a plush Snoopy with a...Fantastic 4 vallentines day card attached to it. It's the thought that counts. -Was actually surprized that he went through the trouble of buying it- Amber got slightly pissed when I showed her the gift he gave me, Kody said "What the hell Travis. . ." and walked off, Blane thought my 'lesbian friend' gave it to me, Tori made a smart-ass comment about it (I gave her a Vallentines day kick down the stairs), and the rest of the people who asked about it also added "Are you two going out?". x-x
But, I think the highlight of today was after school ended, after Travis left, Nash walks up to me and says "You know, he really likes you. He told me to tell you. ...No, i'm serious, ask him next time you see him." And one of Amber's friends told me why she was so pissed this morning. "She likes him too."

So I've got a 'boyfriend', if you can call it that, a sceduled bitch fight, and a ticket abord the rumor train...And most likely a restraining order aganst Tori. She deserved it anyway.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
8:57 pm
Fletcher has rabies.
Blah, basicly nothing has happened this week exept bull. Yay.

But I did get to go to the mall on saturday, got two .hack Al Buster novels, a callender, and some pins.

I did become re-obsessed with Gorillaz...Again, and fount no T-shirts at Hot Topic. x-x;;

That's pretty much it.

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
12:43 pm
Sing the song, then forget the lyrics. Be a tard.
I spent the night at Shannon's, which gave me the opertunity to stay up until 1:00, So I watched Adult Swim. =D Downside. I had to babysit for a few hours. x-x;; She nearly ripped the skin off the cat, ate my shoe, bit me. Reason 1747 why I don't babysit.
But I saw FullMetal Achemist, and that's all that matters.

Also, i'm a freakin' coward. I found one of those "Find the sublitimal message" mini-games, the first two were pictures, the third one scared me shitless. "Listen to this Cradle Of Filth song backwards". About 30 seconds into it, something that looks like it came from a moruge appers on the screen and a blood-heardling scream. And it ends saying "Hah, I can't believe you fell for this." I'm finding the fucktard who made that and beating him shitless for that. I swear to god, the only thing that went through my mind when I saw that was 'Human transmutation'. But, it gave me the chance to come up with short horor fan-fictions.

Current Mood: blah
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